Swimsafer is Singapore’s National Learn-To-Swim and Water Safety Programme that compliments kids swimming lessons. It is a six-stage curriculum that ensures a progressive training syllabus for swimmers of all levels (beginners to advanced). The curriculum covers personal aquatic competencies in swimming strokes and personal aquatic survival skills for water safety.

SwimSafer Practical Testing Syllabus 

Swimsafer Stage 1 Cert

Stage 1 - An Introduction to Water Skills

The objective is to develop confidence and independence in the water, learn general and deep-end water safety. Techniques taught include the forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit and personal water safety.

Swimsafer Stage 2 Cert

Stage 2 - Fundamental Water Skills

General skill development including unassisted step entry into the water, sculling, feet first surface dives, personal water safety skills as well as water safety in aquatic environments. One of the goals is to achieve 25 metres of continuous swimming.

Swimsafer Stage 3 Cert

Stage 3 - Personal Water Survival and Stroke Developmental Skills

Entry skills such as the stride jump will be taught. Skills include sculling, underwater skills and putting on a personal flotation device (PFD) whilst in water and swimming with it. One of the goals is to achieve 50 metres of continuous swimming.

Swimsafer Bronze Cert

Bronze - Personal Water Survival and Stroke Improvement Skills

Development of learner’s stroke techniques is a focus here, along with coordinated breathing in deep water. This stage sees the introduction of throw rescues and more personal survival skills. One of the goals is to achieve 100 metres of a variety of strokes.

Swimsafer Silver Cert

Silver - Intermediate Personal Water Survival and Stroke Refinement Skills

Fundamentals of diving will be introduced. Development of personal survival knowledge will continue with a situational context of swimming quickly away from a sinking boat. Learners will be required to demonstrate efficient stroke techniques by swimming a variety of strokes over 200 metres within a given time frame.

Swimsafer Gold Cert

Gold - Advanced Personal Water Survival and Swimming Skills Proficiency

Learners will be required to perform a variety of strokes with efficiency over 400 metres within a given time frame for each stroke. Personal survival skills like making use of clothing to make a personal flotation device and swimming with them, putting on a life jacket in water and demonstrating the Heat Escape Lessening Posture technique will be taught.

SwimSafer Theory Test Portal

All SwimSafer participants are required to complete the SwimSafer Quiz and achieve 90% to pass the test with unlimited attempt.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a SwimSafer test?

The SwimSafer tests cover various skill outcomes as part of a practical assessment listed in each stage of the SwimSafer curriculum. There are 6 stages in total, with each stage covering a variety of swimming and personal water safety skills in increasing levels of difficulty from one stage to the next. There is also an online quiz component focusing on water safety knowledge for each stage.

Where can a SwimSafer test be conducted officially?

SwimSafer tests can only be conducted at officially approved venues, recognised by the SwimSafer department at ActiveSG, Sport Singapore. Most SwimSafer tests are conducted in ActiveSG swimming complexes, also commonly known as public pools managed by SportsSG. There are also certain private pools that meet the requirements of being am approved test venue. These could be pools found in private clubs and schools. Most pools at private residences such as condominiums, or small sized pools located within preschools are unlikely to be approved unless they are able to meet and fulfil certain requirements. For clarity, please contact the SwimSafer department with ActiveSG at Sport Singapore.

How long is the duration of each SwimSafer test stage?

Stage 1 & 2 will take less than 30 to 45 mins.

Stage 3 & 4 will take approximately 45 to 60 mins.

Stage 5 & 6 will take approximately 45 to 60mins.

Can my child skip the SwimSafer test stages?

The SwimSafer 2.0 syllabus is designed with a stranded testing system. The learner do not have to hold a pre-requisite certification in order to attend the higher test stages. All test levels are independent and certified coaches can send their kids to either level which they deem suitable.

When are the test results confirmed?

For the practical assessment on the day of the test itself, test results would be known at the end of the test at the venue itself. This can be clarified with the instructor and/or assessor present. Once the online quiz component is also successfully completed, the achievement for that stage is finalised.

How is a SwimSafer test booking being made?

A SwimSafer test needs to be registered by a SwimSafer instructor with an active and valid coaching license. The SwimSafer instructor will be able to log into the SwimSafer test booking online portal to officially register test candidates, book a test date, time and venue, and to also make an online payment for the test fees. All test bookings are required to be made at least 14 days before the intended test date. An assessor will also be assigned to the test booking, and will be present on the day of the test itself.

In the event of inclement weather on the day and time of the test itself and the pool is not fit for use or is closed, what will happen to the test?

The test booking will be rescheduled and due to the limitations on the portal, the next date would be be at least 14 days later.

Terms & Conditions 

(a) The SwimSafer Tester / Instructor and the pool authority reserve the exclusive rights to cancel or postpone the SwimSafer Test in bad weather conditions for safety reasons. SwimSafer assessment will be conduct as usual under drizzling rain.

(b) There will be no compensation, make-up or refund for absenteeism, late coming or cancelation of any sort once your SwimSafer test slot is confirmed.

(c) The SwimSafer test slot is not transferable to any third parties once confirmed.

(d) We reserve the rights to postpone/cancel the SwimSafer test due to unforeseen circumstances.

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