Frequently Asked Questions

When is the right age to start swimming?

In Little Splashes, we pride in our syllabus to address water confidence and water safety. We carefully crafted our swimming programme to address 5 different developmental needs. These are their physical, cognitive, emotional, temperament and language development.

We are surrounded with water everywhere we go. Being around water has been a very important and essential life skill. The earlier babies start our program, the better they are around water and the more neural network is developed.

You may read more details on our programme’s benefits at Our Programmes page.

What methodology do you use?

At Little Splashes, we believe in a holistic approach of teaching as it makes learning more natural and engaging. Our programmes do not only target water safety and water confidence. In our 30 minutes lesson, we carefully craft and tackle different developmental needs such as psychological, social, emotional, and physical growth.

We also encourage a progressive teaching style that tags on students’ individual pace of learning without affecting their morale and esteem. Hence, we do not put pressure and expectations on our students but instead guide them progressively by customising our lessons according to the current abilities of the student.

For more information, you may read more from Our Program page.

What is the teacher-student ratio?

Our normal class ratio is 1:5 per lesson. With this small class ratio, Teachers can facilitate, instruct and impart knowledge individually to each student.

Are your swim teachers certified?

All our Teachers have to go through an intensive in-house training programme with more than 100 hours of water time before they are assessed and qualified to be able to independently conduct a class. Every term break, all Teachers are called back for a Teacher’s updates and additional trainings to improve as our syllabus is constantly evolving together with our children’s learning ability and style.

Additionally, all our Teachers are SSI and Austswim certified. These are international recognised certification associations.

How long or fast can my child learn to swim?

All the swimming programmes offered at Little Splashes progressively teaches different skills that positively contributes to mastering water safety, water confidence and various swimming techniques. However, we respect that every child is different in their own unique way where they learn and develop differently at their own pace. Hence, we do not put pressure and expectations on our students but instead guide their physical and mental development by adjusting our lessons accordingly. Therefore, there is no specific time frame or duration we can say for certain that your child will be able to learn to swim.

Our Infants & Toddlers programmes are designed to address the different developmental milestones at each varying group. Thus, students below 3 years old are grouped according by their birth year and month.

Our Children Learn-to-Swim programme is crafted according to our student’s learning ability. Teachers will perform a students’ assessment every 6 months, and over a span of 1 month to enable students to demonstrate their current abilities with consistency. We will, thereafter, group them according to their performance level to ensure optimal lesson performance and progression.

Is 30 minutes sufficient?

Numerous documentaries and research articles have proven that Children under 7 years old have an average of 20 minutes attention span, and it is during this period of focused attention that cognitive information processing (i.e. learning) occurs!

At the age of 2, Toddlers have an attention span of maximum of 10 minutes. At 3 years old, it is 15 minutes and it subsequently increases every 5 minutes yearly.

In Little Splashes, our lessons are packed with different songs (for Infants & Toddlers) and activities to get the children constantly moving in the water. These are all carefully crafted to meet our program’s objectives. Along with our small class ratio of 1:5, Teachers are able to facilitate, instruct and impart knowledge individually. Therefore, a 30 minute lesson filled with constant movements in the water is sufficient.

What is the purpose of the different class packages?

In Little Splashes, we have various class packages to suit different parents’ preference and flexibility. These packages are:

A Single Trial Lesson – is available for parents who wish to try out a class before committing to a package or can also be used as an ad-hoc session for parents who wish to attend an additional class out of the committed package.

4 Trial Class Bundle Package – enables both child and parent to attend 4 continuous weekly lessons on the same day and time, with the same teacher. This is highly recommended for first timers to try out before determining whether to commit to a Term Package. Reason being, it takes regular exposure for a first timer child to familiarise and adapt to a completely new environment before learning can take place.

Term Package – classes are on a weekly basis for the duration of a Term. For parents to enjoy this special package price, the student who is attending the lesson would have to be a member with Little Splashes. As such, a one-time registration fee per student allows access to Little Splashes’ Membership.

(Term: We have 4 terms in a year and the dates may vary from the regular local schooling system, hence, do kindly check Our Calendar for more information.)

If we start in the middle of the term, will we be missing out on anything?

Little Splashes’ Infants & Toddlers programme are structured according to age group, while the Children Learn-to-Swim programme is grouped based on students’ abilities. We respect and cater to every students’ individual performance, mood, attention span and learning ability. Therefore, in every lesson, our Teachers are trained to assess and adjust the class objectives and activities based on the students’ performance and mood. We also encourage a progressive learning style that tags on students’ individual pace of learning without affecting their morale and esteem. Therefore, activities done in class will be customised to the current abilities of each student and your child will not be missing out on any skills that were taught previously. Take it easy and enjoy the entire process flow directed by our Teachers.

Why are 2 layers of diapers in Little Splashes compulsory?

Little Splashes prides itself in its water quality. To ensure that the pool water is clean and optimal for all our students and parents, it is mandatory that all students under 3 years old or not toilet trained to wear 2 layers of diapers every lesson.

The first layer of swim diaper is the disposable swim diaper. We accept any brands of disposable swim diaper. This layer will hold and absorb a substantial amount of urine or faeces.

The second layer of swim diaper is the reusable swim diaper. There are a lot of different materials and brands in the market for purchase. We recommend any reusable swim diaper that is fitting by the hips and thighs with ideally an inner layer of mesh material. We do not accept training diapers or any swim diapers with an inner layer that is made of cotton.

We do sell these diapers over our counter if you like to purchase it before your swimming lesson. Alternatively, do feel free to contact us if you have any doubts on the material of the diapers.

My child is toilet trained and she is under 3 years old. Why must she still wear diaper?

To ensure the quality and hygiene of our water, we would like to be more conservative. Many a times through our past experience, toddlers who are over excited or relaxed tend to forget or ignore the warning signs of the need to go to the toilet.

Therefore, it is mandatory for all infants and toddlers under 3 years old or not toilet trained to wear 2 layers of our recommended swim diapers.

Why does parent require for children below 3 years old?

Infants as young as 3 months old to toddlers aged 36 months old are required to have a parent in the water during their swim lessons. Through our program, both parent and child are able to experience a great nurturing bond.

Our swim Teachers will facilitate the class and guide parents on how to execute and assist their child accordingly. This would make the parent the teacher to the child for the whole lesson.

Can both parents enter the water together?

Although we do acknowledge that most children would prefer to have both parents in the water during their swim lessons, we prefer our student to gain the most out of each lesson. Through our experience, with only one parent in the water would allow both parent and child to focus and follow instructions better. This would prevent any form of distractions and helps create a more conducive learning environment.

How does the multi term booking work?

It allows you to book 2 or more terms concurrently.

For example: if we are in term 1 currently, you may book for Term 2, 3 and 4 and booking will be based on the same day and time for all the terms. You may also purchase Term 2 and 3 only if you are unable to commit for the last term.

How are the free lesson(s) for multi-term credited to my child?

The free lesson will be based on the number of multi-term purchases.

For example :

No. of Terms Purchased No. of Free Lessons
2 1 Free
3 2 Free
4 3 Free

The free lessons will be credited to your child’s account and will expire at the end of the last term package purchased.

Who will be the best person to accompany the child in the water?

We believe that both parents play a very important role in their child’s life. Although your child may respond differently towards either, that does not show that any parent is less important than the other. Both parents give a different sense of security and meet different needs of the child. Parents may consider entering the water in alternate weeks or seek your child’s opinion.

Many of our parents prefer to have the parent that spends lesser time at home to accompany their child in the water. This can quickly create a special bond between both parent and child.

Can I stay on the deck since it is our first time? I would like to observe the class closer myself

Due to safety reasons, we do not allow any additional person on the deck or wet area.

At Siglap outlet, we have a live TV broadcast that shows the lesson on a big screen. It is viewable at our waiting area.

At Yio Chu Kang & King Albert Park outlet, we do have a viewing gallery with full glass window in our air-conditional waiting area to view the class.

At Selaseh outlet, we have highchairs placed along the corridor which is only a slight distance away from the pool to reduce class distractions.

We do not encourage parents or audiences to distract our students during lesson while viewing. We would prefer our students to gain the full benefit of the 30 minutes session.

I have paid for the Term Package and I can’t make it for my actual class time slot. I would like to transfer all the remaining classes to another day and time. Is it possible?

We understand that everyone might have changes in their schedule along the way. Thus, you may move all the remaining lessons to another timing permanently. However, this is subjected to the class availability.

My child is very advanced for her age group. Can I promote her to the next class when she has not reached the age group?

Our Teachers are trained to adjust activities according to the child’s learning ability and performance. We will not be able to promote your child in advance as we would prefer for her to learn at her own pace according to her developmental milestones. When she reaches the appropriate age for promotion, we will then recommend and promote her to the respective age group level for the following term.

My schedule is very unpredictable. I am unable to commit to a fix time and day. Can I still join?

Yes, you may consider joining our Single Trial Lesson or 4 Class Bundle Package. These packages are designed to cater to parents whose schedule is not fixed or prefer to attend lessons at an ad-hoc basis. However, we encourage parents to constantly attend lessons at least once a week to maintain consistency and child’s learning habit.

Please note that all lessons are subjected to availability. Therefore, kindly contact us to check out the class availabilities.

What is your make-up policy?

There is a maximum of THREE make-ups per Term Package

  • Make-Up is valid when parent/student informs the school of absence at least a day in advance (via direct call during operation hours AND/OR via email after operation hours).
  • If parent/student is unable to inform the school in advance, a Medical Certificate/Travel Itinerary/ Supporting Document is required to validate the Make-Up request.
  • All classes that have been booked, secured, and confirmed in advance with payment – that requires any rescheduling, or changes during any part of the term, shall be counted as a Make-Up.
  • Make-Ups must be booked before the end of the term, otherwise it will be considered as expired.

I do not know how to swim and fear of water. Can I don’t go inside water?

With our shallow pool depth, parents are not required to swim during lessons. However, you would need to be comfortable in moving around the pool while holding your child.

What do I need to prepare before the class?

For our Infants & Toddlers programme, parents are required to prepare the following compulsory items:

  1. Disposable swim diaper
  2. Reusable swim diaper
    (Do contact us if you have further queries on the Reusable diapers material)
  3. Infant swimwear (on top of the 2 layers of diaper) [Optional]
  4. Loose T-shirt for the parent that will be in the water
  5. Parent swimwear is your preference
  6. Towel

Both Disposable and Reusable swim diapers are available over our counters.

For our Children program, parents are required to prepare the following items:

  1. Swimwear
  2. Towel
  3. Goggles [Optional]

Our showers are equipped with complimentary body wash and filtered warm water. However, you may bring your own toiletries too.

Can I group my 20 months old with 6 months old?

Due to their large age gap, we do not encourage both of them to be in the same lesson. However, we respect your decision if you prefer both to be in the same class. We will conduct the lesson according to the younger age due to the development of the child.

My child has been taking lesson for 6 months elsewhere, which level can my child join?

If your child can swim 1 proper stroke (Survival Backstroke, Survival Sidestroke, Front Crawl, Backstroke, Breaststroke or Butterfly), we will be able to put your child in our Children Intermediate class for an assessment. Thereafter, our teacher will advise on appropriate class to attend for the term.

If your child is new to the water and is unable to swim any proper stroke, we will be assessing him/her in our Children Foundation course. We will then advise you on which class to attend for the term.

How do I track my child’s progression?

Every 6 months, our Teachers will assess all our students and issue a checklist to their parents for reference. For the Infants & Toddlers programme, our checklists are designed based on the average milestone guidelines in relation to water activities. For the Children Learn-to-Swim programme, our checklists are tagged according to their water confidence, water safety and swim stroke progression. However, our checklist is only available for our members. It is not available for students who are attending any of our trials or trial bundle.

Twice a year, Little Splashes will organise a Swim Safer test with an external partner for our students. Our Swim Teachers will advise you if your child is ready for the test. Although we do prepare our students for Singapore’s national certification, we do input more than what is required. We include additional strokes like Survival Sidestroke & Boat Safety to name a couple.

What is the purpose of Parents’ App?

Parents can use the Parents’ App to notify us a particular lesson the student is unable to come and to also propose for a make-up lesson instead of having to email us. Thereafter, our customer service officer will contact you via email for a follow up.

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