At Little Splashes, our syllabus not only covers water confidence and water safety, but also facilitates the development of motor skills essential to an infant’s developmental milestone. Our syllabus is refined such that physical, cognitive, emotional, temperament and language development have been carefully integrated in order to ensure the quality development of an infant’s neural network.

Furthermore, infants will be able to benefit from Little Splashes’ motor skill based programme which incorporates the cultivation of social interaction skills, independence as well as spatial awareness.

Little Splashes prides ourselves on ensuring a holistic and well-rounded learning experience for your child, and as such we are dedicated to nurturing the aforementioned life skills for infants as young as 3 months old. This is especially pertinent when research has shown that from birth till 5 years old, a child’s brain develops more than any other time in their life. With daily experiences playing a prevalent role in the interconnectedness of an infant’s brain development, starting your child in swimming at 3 months old creates a unique experience that will last for a lifetime. Thus, the quality and quantity of simulation and interaction in which a child receives in their infant years are of utmost importance.

In addition, starting as early as 3 months old further encourages the abatement/subsidence of innate reflexes; such as the breath holding reflex, a common reflex that infants have where they involuntarily hold their breath after submersion because they believe that they are still underwater.

Last but not least, the interaction between a parent and their child is definitely of the essence. Our syllabus hence actively promotes such interactions, allowing a parent and their child to establish a special connection both in and out of the water.