We’re often asked, “What sets Little Splashes Aquatics apart?”. We are dedicated to excellence in safety, fun, and of course – swimming skills. We teach your children to be safe in the water in just weeks, and we also have loads of FUN!

Your child’s swim journey should be empowering and produce lasting water skills. To teach proper skill acquisition while integrating work and play takes passion, experience and expertise. Here are some examples of what sets us apart from other swim schools in Singapore:

Quality Swimming Programme

Our unique programmes, techniques and methodologies geared towards safety have been perfected for over 20 years in the infant aquatics industry, and we strive to offer the best swimming lessons in Singapore. We are one of the few schools that conduct our aquatic programs using a structured and straightforward syllabus, ensuring that our students learn more about water safety through routine practice. We pride ourselves in using minimal swimming aids so that your child does not get a false sense of security around water and lose their natural wariness of its danger.

Our programmes are aligned with the average developmental milestone of every child. We use dynamic baby and toddler programs and a revolving syllabus to be on par with the evolving intellectuality of babies, as well as helping them to progress consistently. We draw a balance of structure, fun and challenge based on research articles, swim education, early childhood education, and our own research and development by piloting our syllabus on real babies before implementing it into the program.

Passionate, Certified and Highly Trained Teachers

Children are capable of amazing things given the right instruction and confidence. All our teachers and trainees will undergo more than 500 hours of training before they are accessed to be a qualified swim teacher at Little Splashes Aquatics. In addition to their swimming skills and STA: Swim Teacher Association (UK) qualifications, our teachers undergo specialised training sessions integrated with our own ideas throughout the year to stay up to date in the Learn To Swim industry. We also provide Early Childhood Training to our teachers to enable them to effectively and sensitively teach children swimming lessons.

Water Quality

Our pools are licensed by the National Environment Agency (NEA) which regulates the quality of water in all aquatic facilities in Singapore. Our aquatic staffs conduct real-time water parameter testings four times a day and make necessary adjustments to ensure that our water quality standards are met. On top of that, our pools are maintained twice weekly by professionals who also administer weekly pool tests and send them to a testing laboratory accredited by the Singapore Accreditation Council (SAC).

Small Intimate Class Sizes

Our individualistic approach combined with small classes enables us to get to know our parents and students on a first-name basis to build relationships that last for years. We understand that children learn at their own pace, hence each class would have no more than 5 students so that each one of them receives maximum attention.

Indoor Heated Pool

Our purpose-built private indoor heated pool offers a great environment for learning. Our pool temperatures are maintained at 31-33°C which is the perfect environment for conducting baby swim classes. More ideally, we combine top-class water purification systems such as Ozone Swim and Mineral Swim System to bring you the healthiest swimming pool experience in Singapore.

Customer Service & Facilities

At Little Splashes Aquatics, we establish quality customer service by understanding our customers’ needs and providing consistent customer service. In addition to that, our facilities and pools have well-ventilated atmospheres, creating a more relaxed and productive environment. We wash and sanitise all areas in our facilities daily to provide a safe, well-maintained and well-operated area for the enjoyment of our customers.

At Little Splashes Aquatics, we aim to give your kids everything they need to achieve their potential in the water. We believe that every child should be equipped with water safety skills that will last a lifetime. We can’t wait to see you in the water to join us in your child’s journey – Visit us at our pools across Singapore or call us today! top class water purification systems