At Little Splashes, our fundamental aim is to boost a child’s water confidence and to actively promote water safety in all our classes. Not only do we believe that learning to swim is a crucial life skill, we also believe in creating a fun and conducive environment for our students to thrive in. Hence, our meticulously thought out syllabus is both efficient and enjoyable.

In addition, Little Splashes’ quality curriculum stems from over 20 years of teaching experience, intrinsic passion, motivation and background in childhood psychology, setting ourselves apart from our competitors. Our classes are structured to incorporate the element of fun, as well as to stimulate physical and cognitive development in your child. As such, many parents have confidence in our classes and believe that we will be able to help their child reach greater heights.

Little Splashes also understands the importance of quality character building and cognitive development, and is thus always striving towards an all-rounded and well-rounded swimming syllabus as well as curriculum. We are dedicated to every child, ensuring a continued progression in every child through consistent progress reports. As such, this bridges the gap between teachers and parents, allowing for better communication between both parties which will contribute to promising benefits. Thus, it is needless to say how much faith and confidence parents have in Little Splashes, with many parents sending their little ones to Little Splashes so as to secure the quality learning experience with us.