Indoor heated pools are sheltered away from the sun and the rain, allowing Little Splashes’ classes to be conducted in a controlled and conducive environment. This aids Little Splashes in providing a productive and efficient class for infants and toddlers due to the elimination of weather uncertainty. Additionally, the regulated temperature of our indoor pools provide the optimal environment for babies and toddlers. Kept between 31°C and 33°C, the warm waters of Little Splashes aids in relaxing the muscles of babies and toddlers, improving blood circulation as well as improving one’s breathing. Hence, it is evident that our indoor heated pools are definitely infant-and-toddler-friendly.

Furthermore, at Little Splashes, our indoor heated pool adopts a non-chlorine purification method that offers an ultra-clean and bacteria-free mineral water. This not only prevents potential chlorine-related allergies from arising, but is also good for individuals with eczema skin.

Little Splashes’ prides ourselves upon ensuring the safety and health of our infants and toddlers. The indoor heated pool therefore provides a warm and comfortable environment for your child to swim in, without the fear of catching a cold or getting drenched by rain. Especially when infants and toddlers experience a maturing immune system, the heated indoor pool greatly reduces their susceptibility to any illnesses.