Swimming is one of the rare sports that uses muscles all over the body. Hence, starting swimming early will allow your child to effectively develop his/her muscles from all over the body, promoting a holistic muscle development. Additionally, contrary to popular belief, swimming does not put stress on your child’s joints due to the water pressure and buoyancy. As such, starting swimming early undeniably has many benefits.

At Little Splashes, starting swimming early is nothing short of benefits. We are constantly working to improve ourselves, and work towards creating an increasingly holistic and fun-filled environment for both you and your child. Our syllabus also consciously promotes water safety, helping your child develop an essential life skill that not only reaps short term benefits, but long term benefits as well. From increasing water confidence in your child to improving lung capacity, starting swimming early kickstarts heaps and bounds of advantages for your child, killing many birds with one stone. Especially in their younger years, a child’s learning curve is steep. Thus, starting swimming early, coupled with an exponential learning curve, equates to a quality development in a child cognitively and physically.

Our syllabus is milestone development driven, starting from as young as 3 months old. In our Infant Level 0 (3-5 months) programme, we introduce the concept of spatial awareness, aquatic appreciation and self-esteem, helping them gain water confidence as well as to feel safe in the water. After which, from 6 months onwards, at every 6 months intervals, our syllabus effectively tackles the main developmental stages of every child. Little Splashes’ classes provide an environment for quality social interaction between you and your child, as well as promotes muscular and cognitive development. From 13 months onwards, our classes aim to inculcate spatial awareness, inquisitivity and independence in your child, progressively improving their swimming skills as well as build their character.

After the age of 3, we will also introduce strokes, and our syllabus aims to build confidence in your child whilst being independent. This gives them the opportunity to develop important values and skills, as well as interact with their peers. From here on, Little Splashes’ Children Learn-To-Swim Programme hones your child’s psychomotor skills, enabling them to execute swimming strokes with confidence and ease, as well as build up their stamina and agility. Hence, there are indeed an endless array of benefits to be reaped by allowing your child to his/her swimming journey early!

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